Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 Keller VM share issue

Problem: When I attempt to open the drop folder of a build on the Update 3 version of the Visual Studio 2013 Keller vm I get the follow error. Solution: Give Everyone read permission to the c:\ffdrops folder. If you get promoted by a Network discovery and file sharing dialog select "Yes, tur... [More]

Where are my diagnostic build logs?

Problem: I am trying to customize TfvcTemplate.12.xaml and can’t increase the verbosity level any longer. Solution: Open the desired build and click the Diagnostics menu and select View Logs. Explanation: In the past there was an argument on the build template that allowed you to contro... [More]

How to connect SQL Server Data Tools 2012 to TFS 2013

Problem: I installed SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition with SP1 with SQL Server Data Tools and I need to version my projects in TFS 2013. Solution: The IDE for SQL Server Data Tools is Visual Studio 2010 Shell. By installing Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010, Microsoft Visual Stud... [More]

I can't register the Microsoft Deployment Agent 2013

Updated: With update 2 the deployer account no longer as to be an admin on the machine.  The account simply needs to correct permissions to deploy the desired components.   Problem: When I attempt to register my deployer I get a 401 unauthorized error.   Solution: Make sure the ... [More]

Find by Status is not working

Problem: "Find by Status" of the TFS Power Tools always returns zero results even though people have files checked out.    Solution: Make sure the developers workspaces are Server and not Local. Explanation: Only Server workspace communicate the status of check outs back to the Ser... [More]