CUIT Demo of Feature Pack 2 Coded UI Test Editor


I have a Coded UI Test that is failing on Playback.


Use the Coded UI Test Editor in Feature Pack 2 to adjust the UI Map and add actions to your test.


I felt a write up would be too hard to follow so I recorded a video instead which you can watch below.

In this video we are going to cover a few features of the Coded UI Test Editor available in Feature Pack 2 for Visual Studio 2010. The Coded UI Test Editor greatly improves an automation engineers experience working with Coded UI Test. The features we are going to demonstrate today are splitting actions into separate methods, renaming methods and locating UI controls in a running application.

Many coded UI demos show you the happy path scenario where everything works perfectly.  While helping clients implement Coded UI Test in the real world you quickly realize that the happy path can be hard to stay on.  The goal of this web cast is to show a recording that does not work as recorded and techniques we can use to adjust the recording to yield the desired results.

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