Load Tests are not in every VSTS Region

I recently created a new Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account to run integration tests for Yo Team and VSTeam. During the creation process I changed the default region from Central US to West Central US.


To change the region click the Change Details button to show the drop down of regions.


Once I had my account created I started using it to run test for Yo Team.  If you are not familiar with Yo Team you can read about it here. In a nutshell it creates complete DevOps pipelines to Azure from any platform from the command line.

Many of the tests were failing.  After I did some investigation I realized that the pipelines that included performance tests were failing.  That is when I realized that my new account did not have the Load Test option. I went and checked some of my other accounts and they all had it.


The only difference was the region I selected to host my account. So I created an account in every region to see which supported Load Test and which did not. My findings are below.

Where you can use Load Test:

  • Australia East
  • Brazil South
  • Canada Central
  • Central US
  • East Asia
  • South Central US
  • India South
  • West Europe
  • West US 2

Where Load Test is missing:

  • West Central US

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