My DSC works from PowerShell ISE but not from Release Management

If you are like me you learned Desired State Configuration (DSC) before trying to incorporate it with Release Management.  I recommend this because you get a pure understanding of DSC and its full capabilities.

The only caveat to learning DSC this way is certain things are different when used with Release Management.  One of which came up today, which is the way we identify the nodes.  Using pure DSC you have many choices on how you identify the nodes to target.  You can use Configuration Data, hardcode the values or even parameterize your DSC script.  However, I have had the most success when I use $env:COMPUTERNAME.  You could also use 'localhost'.

When you learn DSC outside of Release Management you use a developer workstation to create the MOFs and push them from there to the target nodes.  However, when Release Management runs a DSC script it is first copied to the target machine.  Then the script is executed to create the MOF file to be pushed to the node.  Because the script is being copied to the target the use of $env:COMPUTERNAME eliminates the need to hardcode any values in your script and reduces the chance for error.

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