Release Management Comparison Chart

This blog post is comparing the current  features set of Microsoft’s hosted Release Management solution – Release Management Online (RMO) and the on premises Release Management product.

Feature Comparison (as of February 2015)


On Premises



Desired state configuration


Custom tools

Agent based only


Agent based


Trigger release from build

Web approval


on premises





Change Summary

vNext only


Pickup from drop share


pickup from VSo



There are a few other points to consider when deciding between on premises and RMO.  First is the effort needed to trigger a release from a build.  Granted both options support it but RMO supports this with no need for a custom build template or making REST API calls. It just works.  There is also no server to install with RMO.  RMO is a SaaS application hosted for you in the cloud by Microsoft.  You simply install the WPF Client and connect to your RMO server.

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