Visual Studio Team Services Task Data Types

I was recently working on a new task for Trackyon Advantage and wanted to have an input field for a number.  When you define your task in the task.json file you have different types you can assign to each input field.  Below is a list of all the types I could find and examples on how to define them and the resulting UI. filePath { "type": "filePath", "defaultValue": "pom.xml" }   artifactPath boolean { "type": "boolean", "defaultValue": "true" }   azureConnection connectedService Custom AzureRM { "type": "connectedService:AzureRM", "defaultValue": "" }   AzureClassic { "type": "connectedService:Azure:Certificate,UsernamePassword", "defaultValue": "" } { "type": "connectedService:Azure" "defaultValue": "" }   Generic { "type": "connectedService:Generic" }   GitHub radio { "type": "radio", "defaultValue": "JDKVersion", "options": { "JDKVersion": "JDK Version", "Path": "Path" } }   pickList { "type": "pickList", "defaultValue": "None", "options": { "None": "None", "Cobertura": "Cobertura", "JaCoCo": "JaCoCo" } }   multiLine { "type": "multiLine", "defaultValue": "" }   stringList string { "type": "string", "defaultValue": "" }