How to change the display name of my Find Text validation rule


I can’t easily tell what my Find Text validation rule is searching for in my Web Test.


Change the DisplayName value in the Web Test xml to something more meaningful.

From Solution Explorer right click on the Web Test and select Open With… then select XML (Text) Editor and click OK.  Once the file is open search the file for DisplayName="Find Text"Replace Find Text with something more meaningful.  Save the file and close it.  Now right click on the Web Test from Solution Explorer and select Open With… and select the Web Test Editor (Default).  Now expand the Validation Rules folder under the desired web request.  The Find Text validation rule label will be the value you typed in.


For some reason the creator of this validation run did not expose the DisplayName property so it could be change from the Properties Window.  However, the value is there and can be changed from the xml file.  This is very helpful when you have several Find Text validation rules on the same request.

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