How to harvest the out of the box Agent Based tools from Release Management

One of the great features of Release Management is the ability to add your own custom tools.  Many times the custom tool I want to add is similar to one of the tools that comes out of the box.  Yet, there is no way from within Release Management to download the resources that make up the out of the box tools.

However, during the execution of a release the Release Management Server copies all of the tools resource files to the agent machine. Therefore, all you have to do is create a Component that uses the desired Tool and search the agent machine for the resource name.  For example let’s locate the irxcopy.cmd resource of the XCopy Deployer tool.  First open a Command Prompt as Administrator. We need to run as Administrator so we can search user folders of other users.  The files will be under the AppData folder of the user that the Microsoft Deployment Agent is running as.  From the root of your system drive type:

dir irxcopy.cmd /s

This will search all the directories of your system drive recursively for irxcopy.cmd.  Depending on how many releases you have processed the list might be very long. 

Nevertheless, all the files are the same. Simply open one and modify as needed.

You will simply have to add your modified file as a new Custom Tool in Release Management. There is no way to overwrite the out of the box tool resources.

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