My web test data source is not loading all the columns from my csv file.


I have a data driven web test that calls other web test. The called web tests are also data bound to data loaded by the parent data source.  When I run my test I was getting the following error:

Request failed: Context parameter 'FluidManagement.FluidManagement_json#csv.spacer2' not found in test context


Expand the Data Sources node of your web test until you can select the desired table.  From the Properties window change the Select Columns from “Only select bound columns” to “Select all columns”.


The default behavior is to only select the columns that are bound the web test that defines the data source.  This is a reasonable assumption as long as the test does not call any other data bound web test.  If the test you call rely on columns that are not bound in the caller you must change the Select Columns setting.

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