So you want to move from agent based Release Management to vNext but still need Tokenization.

The xReleaseManagement resource brings Release Management Tokenization to Desired State Configuration.  The xReleaseManagement resource enables a natural migration path from Agent Based Release Management deployments to DSC (or vNext) based deployments.

This resource supports using the technique described in this blog post which uses the XML transform functionality of Visual Studio to create a tokenized version of the web.config.  This technique does not require a .token file to be in the target folder.

The resource can also be used by simply making a tokenized copy of your target file and adding a .token file extension.

This resource is an official release of the resource I shared here back in September with some additional features.

You can get the official resource from

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on twitter @DonovanBrown.

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