Stop Bluetooth Setup Assistant on Mac Mini with no keyboard or mouse


I am using my Mac Mini without a keyboard and mouse and when I connect via VNC I get a dialog searching for Bluetooth keyboard.



Disable the Bluetooth Setup Assistant.

  1. imageOpen System Preferences
  2. Click Bluetooth
  3. Click Advanced…
  4. Uncheck Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at startup if no keyboard is detected
  5. Uncheck Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant at startup if no mouse or trackpad is detected
  6. Click OK

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  • t

    10/28/2017 3:26:34 AM | Reply

    I can't even click/open system preferences because I'm stuck on the logging in page so what do I do

    • Far

      11/18/2018 1:48:12 PM | Reply

      Use another mouse that is connected through a cable!

  • LMP

    10/21/2018 1:41:13 AM | Reply

    I'm stuck too = cannot get to system preferences because I'm stuck at login page too.
    don't have a wireless keyboard, so I can't enter a thing.  Can I bypass this wireless crap via my second Mac, which uses WIRED mouse and WIRED keyboard?

    Bluetooth is irritating, don't want a thing to do with that feature.  

  • D

    11/6/2018 11:44:05 AM | Reply

    I have the same problem. It's been giving me this problem since last month.
    Tried restarting the laptop with same results!
    What is going on

  • Ola

    11/10/2018 6:04:56 PM | Reply

    Ok m having the same problem. I can’t get into the system preference as i’m stuck at the log in page.

  • Far

    11/18/2018 1:46:52 PM | Reply

    I've unchecked both columns, yet I think I have to restart my computer before it can recognise my mouse/keyboard, right?

  • Far

    11/18/2018 1:55:11 PM | Reply

    Unfortunately even after restarting my iMac it lost connection with the mouse after a couple of seconds!!

  • B. Haynes

    2/4/2020 4:23:24 PM | Reply

    Happened right in the middle of my homework! I am in a library and am unable to get ahold of a second mouse and keyboard to log back into my computer. Now, thanks to Apple, I may fail my college writing class. Please tell me there’s some way I can use my phone as a mouse or something??

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