Verify SharePoint 2010 Products for Team Foundation Server


You have to install TFS2010 on an existing Sharepoint2010 install.  How do I verify it is configured correctly?


I have been handed many preinstalled SharePoint 2010 machines to use with TFS installs or upgrades. The problem is there are many options that must be just right for it to work with TFS and confirming those settings can be very difficult if you don’t use SharePoint very often.  For example the two I constantly have to verify are that the web application on port 80 has NTLM set for IIS Authentication and the Anonymous Access is disabled. 
Here are the steps to confirm this information. 
1. Open Central Administration
2. Click Manage web applications under the Application Management section
3. Select the desired Web Application
4. Click the Authentication Providers button
5. On the Authentication Providers Pop Up click the Default link
6. You can now edit the authentication settings and confirm that NTLM is selected and Anonymous Access is disabled.

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