How to download over metered connections

I recently purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga which is a brilliant machine. I made sure an opted for the model with a cellular modem because I have T-Mobile. With T-Mobile I have unlimited data world wide.  I got an additional sim for my machine so now as soon as my machine boots I have internet no matter where I am in the world.

The only issue was Windows would constantly reminding me I am on a metered connection.

But because I have unlimited data I really could not care less. After doing some research I learned that certain apps will behave differently when running over a metered connection. So my goal was to either identify this network as not being metered or allow applications to use this connection as if it was not.  I could not find a way to mark a cellular network as not metered so I turned to allowing applications to use it as if it were not.

  1. Press Windows Key + I
  2. Click Devices
  3. Switch Download over metered connections to On

Now my machine will use my metered connection like any other. However, I still got the notification! 

  1. So I decided to hide the notification from OneDrive.
  2. Open Action Center
  3. Right-Click on notification
  4. Select Turn off notification for this group or Got to notification settings and fine tune the notifications

Now I am free to use my internet with no annoying notifications about being on a metered network. 

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