Reschedule a defered release

Problem:  I accepted a release and deferred the deployment to a later date but now I want to change the date of the release. Solution: You have two options.  If you simply want to release the code now you can click the Allow Deployment Now button on the release's log page. If... [More]

Does Team Explorer Everywhere support Git

While speaking at the Dog Food Conference I was asked if Team Explorer Everywhere (the TFS plugin for Eclipsed based IDE) supported Git source control.  I actually did not know and promised to find out.  It just so happens that the 2013 release of Team Explorer Everywhere does have support... [More]

Missing WinRMPort in Server DNSName xxx

Problem  From Release Management I am getting the following error when I attempt a DSC deployment “Missing WinRMPort in Server DNSName xxx” Solution Make sure and include the port when adding a server to your environment.

Start-DscConfiguration access denied

Problem: When I try and execute Start-DscConfiguration I get the following error message: The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The WMI service returned an 'access denied' error. + CategoryInfo : PermissionDenied: (root/Microsoft/...gurationManager:String) [], CimExcepti... [More]

Tokenization for DSC

Update!  This resources has been officially release by Microsoft here Update 3 of Release Management introduced Desired State Configuration (DSC) as a deployment option in addition to the deployer based solution.  With DSC we can utilized the Local C... [More]