Slide Decks

Often after I finish presenting people ask for copies of my decks.  So I thought I would just place them here and make them easier to find.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation.pptx (5.06 mb)

The Ops side of DevOps (An intro to IaC)

IaC.pptx (5.51 mb)

Getting started with Azure DevOps

Ignite_Azure_DevOps_sm.pptx (5.52 mb)

Zero to DevOps

From 0 to DevOps_clean.pptx (6.96 mb)

Agile Transformation

The Microsoft DevOps Vision_clean.pptx (5.57 mb)


0 to DevOps Keynote (2.55 mb)

DevOps for Bots

Rub DevOps On Your Bots (7.82 mb)

Mobile DevOps

MobileDevOps.pptx (13.61 mb)

Scrum from the trenches

Agile2019.pptx (5.45 mb)


Integrations.pptx (8.70 mb)