I can't connect to my 2014 Series 1 Type A Machines 3d Printer


I can no longer connect to my 2014 Series 1 Type A Machines 3d Printer.


Flash the SD Card.  The trick to flashing the SD Card is first finding it!  I had never had to take my printer apart so I had no idea where the SD Card was or even if I had to be removed or not to be flashed.  The manual for the printer makes no reference to how to perform this procedure or how to locate the SD Card.

First thing you are going to want make sure you have is some way to connect the micro SD Card to your machine.  I purchased the Kingston Digital Multi-Kit/Mobility Kit 8 GB Flash Memory Card with Reader MBLY10G2/8GB off of Amazon.  You are also going to need a fresh copy of the image and software to write the image to the SD Card.  I am using a PC so I used the Win32 Disk Imager.  You can download the image from here.  You can read more about these items from the Type A Machines Forum.  Install the Win32 Disk Imager and extract the zip file you downloaded from the image site.

Now let’s get that SD Card out of the printer.  Using the white nob at the top of the printer raise the platform so you can access the four screws holding the white piece of plastic to the base of the printer.

Once you remove the plastic cover you will be able to see the components that drive your printer.  In the lower left hand corner is the microprocessor that has SD Card.

The SD Card can be removed my gently pressing it in so that is pops out.

Place the SD Card into one of the adapters and insert it into your PC.  Make sure you run the Win32 Disk Imager as administrator.  You can do this by right clicking on the shortcut and selecting run as administrator.  With the application running browse to the folder that has the img file in it and select the driver for the SD Card.  Now click the Write button and wait for the process to complete.

Now simply reverse the steps by replacing the SD Card and replacing the plastic cover and screws. 

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  • Matthew Flail

    3/12/2019 8:41:51 PM | Reply


    I haven't been able to connect to my Type A Series One Pro via wifi in about a week. I tried flashing the SD card and installed the image like you posted but I still can't seem to connect to my printer. Any tips?

    • Donovan

      3/19/2019 12:50:02 PM | Reply

      After I flashed mine the port I connect on is 5000. I remember when I first got my printer the number on the front was important now i don't use it for anything.

      • Julian

        3/23/2020 5:40:25 PM | Reply

        After flashing, whats is the address you use then?
        Since no more series1-XXXX.local:5000/
        How are we going to connect it via wifi again?
        Thanks. Mine is not Pro version. Is a version before that.

        • Joao

          5/10/2022 5:47:28 AM | Reply

          Hey Julian, I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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