Using Microsoft Fakes to test code that sends email

In the past I used to use Neptune to test any code that sent email. Neptune is still very useful with Web Test but with unit testing I should be able to use Fakes. Below is a typical block of code that uses the SmtpClient class to send an email message.  public static void SendMessage(string ... [More]

Release Management Comparison Chart

This blog post is comparing the current  features set of Microsoft’s hosted Release Management solution – Release Management Online (RMO) and the on premises Release Management product. Feature Comparison (as of February 2015)   On Premises RMO az... [More]

How to set my default Azure Subscription

When using the Azure PowerShell module with multiple Azure Subscriptions it can be a challenge to keep track of which subscription you are using. Luckily there is a cmdlet that lets you set the current subscription and even identify a default for all future sessions. You will need the subscriptio... [More]

My vNext Release fails with SSL error

Problem: I am trying to deploy using Release Management vNext pipeline and I receive the following error: Connecting to remote server MyServer failed with the following error message : The server certificate on the destination computer (MyServer:5986) has the following errors:    ... [More]

My Release Template changes are being ignored

I was recently asked for help with Release Management where the user noticed the changes to their Release Template were not taking effect. After further investigation I identified the confusion and felt it deserved further explanation. The user began a release which failed on a “Deploy Using ... [More]