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Donovan Brown

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Partner Program Manager, Azure CTO Incubations


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Meet The Man in the Black Shirt. Donovan Brown is a Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, Donovan spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master. Cloud Methods and Practices are his thing. Donovan has traveled the globe helping companies in the U.S., Canada, India, Germany, and the UK develop solutions using agile practices, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server in industries as broad as Communications, Health Care, Energy, and Financial Services. What else keeps the wheels spinning on The Man in The Black Shirt? Donovan's also an avid programmer, often finding ways to integrate software into his other hobbies and activities, one of which is Professional Air Hockey where he was ranked as high as 11 in the world.

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Donovan Brown is a Partner Program Manager in the Azure CTO Incubations team at Microsoft. The Incubations team focuses on forward-looking development and innovation to facilitate the development of new projects and ideas. Before joining Microsoft, Donovan spent seven years as a Process Consultant and a Certified Scrum Master. Donovan has traveled the globe helping companies develop solutions using agile practices in many industries. Donovan is an avid programmer, often finding ways to integrate software into his other hobbies and activities.


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Microservices Made Easy: The DAPR building blocks
Go beyond an introduction to DAPR and see how to use many of the building blocks and take your application cross-cloud. If you need Pub/Sub, a State Store, or Secrets Management? Well, DAPR does that! In this session, you will get hands own with DAPR and see how with a simple configuration change you can move your application from on-prem to Azure and even to Space!

Microservices Made Easy: Getting Started with DAPR

Get an introduction to DAPR a distributed application runtime that simplifies cloud-native application development. Spend less time focusing on the distractions and more time focused on adding value. DAPR does all the heavy lifting so you can write code that runs on-prem, in the cloud or on the edge with no code changes!

Demystifying Helm

Helm is an incredibly powerful tool but can be very intimidating to learn. In this session, we will start from an empty folder and learn what a Helm chart is made of and how the true power. After this session you be able to read existing charts and build your own.

Digital Transformation (from on-premises to the cloud)

It has become increasingly clear that embarking on a digital transformation is imperative for companies in every industry to survive.
Digital transformations require an understanding of what is possible in the cloud. In this session, we will cover the different opportunities for moving workloads to the cloud so you can determine the best path forward. We will cover scenarios from “lift and shift” to full “cloud native” migrations so you can choose the correct option for your workloads.

App modernization, a lap around Azure

In this session, we will walk through the process of taking a legacy, brownfield application and moving it from on-premises into the cloud. We will start with where to find help and learning materials. Next, we will see how to create and organize your resources in the cloud. Once we have some resources in the cloud, we will begin the migration by moving our MongoDB. We will also touch on Kubernetes, AI/ML, Low/No Code application development and developer productivity.

The Ops side of DevOps

It is called DevOps because Ops plays a key role in a team's success. In this talk we will discuss Infrastructure As Code (IaC). We will cover why it is important, the benefits, requirements and tooling. Finally, we will see it in action and just how far you can take it.

DevOps à la carte

Implementing DevOps can be a daunting task. How do you integrate all the systems in which you already have an investment? How can you deploy to multiple clouds with a single pipeline? In this session, you will see how Azure DevOps allows you to leverage your current investments and get full trackability. You can store your code in GitHub Enterprise, track your work in Jira, run CI with Jenkins, manage change control in ServiceNow, and deploy to Azure or AWS with a single pipeline. In this session, you will learn how Azure DevOps can help.

Agile from the trenches

Leverage the lessons learned by those that came before. In this session, you will cover the mistakes made by others trying to implement Agile in their organizations so you can avoid the same pitfalls. Moving to Agile can be difficult when you have never done it before. Use the information in this session to accelerate your Agile adoption and prepare yourself to succeed with DevOps.

Learn about Mobile DevOps with Xamarin, App Center and Azure DevOps

Explore Microsoft's complete mobile DevOps offering. Learn how to use Xamarin for development, App Center Test Cloud for testing and for beta distribution and analytics, and Azure DevOps for CI/CD to automate your solution deployment. During this session, we show you the products that will shape your process and enable your people to continuously deliver value to your end users.

Enterprise transformation (and you can too)

“That would never work here.” You’ve likely heard this sentiment (or maybe you’ve even said it yourself). Good news: change is possible. Donovan Brown explains how Microsoft's Azure DevOps formerly VSTS went from a three-year waterfall delivery cycle to three-week iterations and open sourced the Azure DevOps task library and the Git Virtual File System.

Getting started with Azure DevOps

DevOps is about people, process, and products. Getting it all right requires effort, but the benefits to your organization and customers can be huge. Microsoft has a fantastic set of products that can help you get the most out of the cloud with any language on any platform. In this demo-heavy session, Donovan Brown shows you how to transform your team