Slide Decks

Often after I finish presenting people ask for copies of my decks.  So I thought I would just place them here and make them easier to find.

The Ops side of DevOps (An intro to IaC)

IaC.pptx (5.51 mb)

Getting started with Azure DevOps

Ignite_Azure_DevOps_sm.pptx (5.52 mb)

Zero to DevOps

From 0 to DevOps_clean.pptx (6.96 mb)

Agile Transformation

The Microsoft DevOps Vision_clean.pptx (5.57 mb)


0 to DevOps Keynote (2.55 mb)

DevOps for Bots

Rub DevOps On Your Bots (7.82 mb)

Mobile DevOps

MobileDevOps.pptx (13.61 mb)

Scrum from the trenches

Agile2019.pptx (5.45 mb)


Integrations.pptx (8.70 mb)