All my workspaces are missing!


After a TFS server move all my workspaces are missing.


Use the TF.exe Workspace command with the /newowner option.


During a recent TFS upgrade and migration from TFS 2010 running in workgroup mode to TFS 2012 on a new server I lost all my workspaces.  From the new TFS server I could run the TF.exe workspaces command and see all the existing workspaces.  However, if I were to open Visual Studio on any of the client machines none of those workspaces would show up.

When TFS is in workgroup mode user accounts are all local accounts.  On the TFS server there was for example a Donovan L Brown account.  The name would be in the format of ComputerName\UserName.  After I moved to new hardware the computer name was different.  However, all the workspaces were owned by the accounts with the old computer name.  You can confirm that by running the TF.exe workspaces command and looking at the owner column.

My goal is to simply update the owner of the workspace to point at the new local Donovan L Brown account on the new computer. 

tf workspace [/collection:TeamProjectCollectionUrl] [workspacename[;workspaceowner]] [/newowner:ownername]

If you have pending changes in the workspaces you will have to shelve them first.  This can be a bit of a challenge as well because you are not the owner of the workspace yet.  To work around this just use the TF.exe workspace command to change the workspace to public.  After which you can shelve the changes using your new account.  Once the changes are shelved you can change the workspace owner to the new account. Finally you can unshelve your changes and return to work.

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